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SystemRescueCd 1.0.2 (1 CD)


An updated version of SystemRescueCd, a Gentoo-based distribution for hard disk partitioning and data rescue tasks, is out. From the changelog: "Enabled Unicode by default; updated the default kernel to Linux with Reiser4; updated PartImage to 0.6.7; NTFS-3G to 1.2412; added extra ntfsprogs tools (ntfswipe, ntfstruncate, ntfsmove, ntfsmftalloc); rxvt-unicode; added networking tools: OpenVPN, PPTP Client, Openswan, VPNC; added autossh (automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels); rewrote the network boot options implementation (make it simpler); improved the DHCP boot options support (PXE boot and dodhcp option); added network boot options for static addresses on single interfaces; fixed boot from and hard disk connected to an HP Smart Array (CCISS); added the server mode in TightVNC...

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