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Ulteo Beta 1.0 (1 CD)


distro yang konon menurut pembuatnya - yang juga mantan developer mandriva - sebagai distro termudah yg pernah ada.

Gaël Duval has announced the availability of the first beta release of Ulteo Application System, a Linux distribution with the goal of simplifying the use of computers by bypassing installation of applications, and bringing mobility features: "After the recent success we had at providing OpenOffice.org in a web browser, we're proud to deliver the first beta of nearly two years of work: Ulteo Application System 'Sirius' is now ready for download on several mirrors. It was the needed 'client' brick to the Ulteo framework that is made of several online services, and provides, among others, automatic personal data (and forthcoming user environment) synchronising. In this release, you will also be able to test the first version of the 'My Digital Life' panel which is a new way to organise your documents and applications, and manage your system installations.

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