RESTORE Live 4.0.9-1 (1 CD)


Distro live cd solusi handal untuk masalah backup data. Termasuk backup sistem operasi sampai dengan skala enterprise. Sangat handal! dan FREE bebas lisensi!

Looking for a backup solution that offers simple backups, minimal maintenance, easy file restoration, and can be customized to fit your network's needs? Look no further. RESTORE is an enterprise server-based backup and data recovery system. Restore can back up servers and systems of virtually any operating system and restore your files with just a few mouse clicks. You can back up or restore your files simply by navigating a directory tree. With RESTORE, you can manually start a backup before doing major work on a system, manage scheduled backups, restore files from numerous points in time, or even create users to manage their backups themselves. In an effort to fit every part of your business's needs, RESTORE allows for scheduled backups as well as the capability to back up computers in multiple physical locations. In addition, RESTORE does not have to be installed on the client side; the machines being backed up need only grant Restore secured access to their systems. And, of course, the security a backup system offers is only any good if you know it's working. This is why Restore can be configured to send scheduled reports on the status of backups via e-mail to both the administrator and its users, so you always know your data is safe.

RESTORE was developed by Holonyx Ruffdogs and is a free, open source, enterprise network backup and recovery solution for Windows, Novell, Mac OS X (data fork), Unix and Linux systems. RESTORE is scalable to a complete backup solution for multiple workstations, servers, and data centers. It operates over local area networks, wide area networks, and the Internet. Holonyx Ruffdogs is placing RESTORE into the open-source community.

RESTORE is currently available in two editions: Data Center and Enterprise Edition, but two more are planned for 2008, SMB for the small to medium business, and Personal, a single user version. Data Center is targeted at a three-tiered environment with the Data Center operator as the top tier, multiple service resellers at the second tier, and individual companies or users at the third tier. A common scenario for this environment is a hosting provider with multiple customers (resellers) who resell the data center’s remote backup service. Individual customers, whether companies or individuals, purchase remote backup services from the service reseller. This three-tiered architecture is unique in the backup and recovery solution market and was created to address the needs of the standard web services reseller model. Enterprise Edition is a more traditional server-based backup solution, a two-tiered model where user workstations or servers backup and restore with a centralized RESTORE server. Both versions allow user scheduling and user-initiated backup and restore.

RESTORE is based on open source technologies and runs on the Linux operating system, although there are plans for a Windows server edition also. It is written in Ruby and Ruby on Rails and utilizes the MySQL database. The user interface to RESTORE is browser-based and uses a graphical user interface.

RESTORE can backup data from the following platforms: Windows, Novell Netware, Mac OS X (data fork), Unix, Solaris and Linux.

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