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EduPup 2.0 (1 CD)


EDUPUP official website, the GNU/Linux light distro dedicated to the children and their teachers/parents!

EduPup 2.00 was designed to let the children and their parents have fun learning at the same time. It includes five high-quality free programs:- * TuxType2 - A typing tutor to teach fast keyboard skills using all ten fingers. It features videogames with letters and words (short, medium and long) falling from the sky that have to be typed before they land. In such as case, Tux will fire a phaser to destroy them, or it will move to eat these falling letters with a fish shape. Great fun!

* TuxMath - Develops fast mental arithmatic skills using a videogame similar to tuxtype". The player must defend their cities by entering the correct answer to zap the falling sums before they land. * ChildsPlay - A good software suite for ages 2 to 12 that has didactic games, colours associations, logic and graphical games. It also has simple games that will teach a young child early how to use the keyboard and the mouse. * TuxPuck - Little videogame that simulates a hockey table game. * TuxPaint - Fun Kids drawing program with an excellent stamp collection, patterns and sounds.

EduPup 2.00 distribution has the same speed, flexibity and powerful features of PuppyLinux distro which is based on. New packages can be added easily from numerous existing downloading them via Puppy Package Manager, Puppy Software Installer or GSlapt Package Manager.

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