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ZenCafe 1.4 (1 cd)

5,000 Rp.2,500

distro linuxnya warnet dalam negeri dengan tampilan yang familier untuk pengguna awam. Sudah menggunakan desktop XFCE versi 4.4.2 dan dukungan usb yang lebih baik

Next successor of Zencafe now available on market, it’s cheap, "zero" license budget, like the old one and always be like that!!!

Zencafe 1.4 utilizes the latest Zenwalk distribution and kernel Mainly design to use for Internet Cafe desktop, Zencafe polished in many ways and easy enough to operated even for no technical background user. Included autorecovery and internet cafe management software, Zencafe is the best and the first Linux solution that suitable for your internet cafe.

What’s new?

HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) hotplug system More webcam support Better Yahoo! Chat tools All new aplication version (at least at this distro packaged)

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