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Kubuntu = Versi Ubuntu tapi base on KDE

The new Kubuntu Linux distribution debuted this month. Kubuntu is the KDE version of the Debian-based, GNOME-centric Ubuntu Linux distribution, which was first released six months ago and already has quite a following. This past week, the first release of Kubuntu Linux coincided with the latest release from Ubuntu Linux, both labeled version 5.04 "Hoary Hedgehog." Kubuntu is a pleasure to use: a snappy, well-designed distro that puts the power of Debian in a easy-to-use package. It's worth a look from new and experienced users alike.

Kubuntu Linux is built upon Linux kernel 2.6.10, incorporates the Debian/APT package management system and X.org 6.8.2, and the brand new KDE 3.4. Kubuntu aims to be a regular, predictable release (approximately every six months, with frequent security updates) that is free of charge, fast and easy to install, and immediately useful.

 In the week or so I've spent working with Kubuntu "Hoary Hedgehog," I've really come to like it. The installation and setup were fast and relatively painless, the KDE 3.4 interface is beautiful and quick to respond, and apt-get is a breath of fresh air to a long-time RPM user.

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