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Linux Kernel 2.6.20 + Tutorial (1 cd)


kernel 2.6.20 rilis juga. banyak fix dan fitur serta driver baru. Salah satu yang signifikan adalah dukungan virtualisasi dan dukungan terhadap playstation 3 (ps3)

Sony Playstation 3 support

You may like the Wii or the 360 more, but only the PS3 is gaining official Linux support, written by Sony engineers. Notice that the support at this time is incomplete (apparently enabling it will not boot on a stock PS3) and it doesn't support the devices included like the graphics card, etc.

2.6.20 makes linux join to the virtualization trends. This release adds two virtualization implementations: A full-virtualization implementation that uses Intel/AMD hardware virtualization capabilities called KVM (http://kvm.sourceforge.net) and a paravirtualization implementation (http://lwn.net/Articles/194543) that can be used by different hypervisors (Rusty's lguest; Xen and Vmware in the future, etc),. But this release also adds initial Sony Playstation 3 support, a fault injection debugging feature (http://lwn.net/Articles/209257), UDP-lite support, better per-process IO accounting, relative atime, support for using swap files for suspend users, relocatable x86 kernel support for kdump users, small microoptimizations in x86 (sleazy FPU, regparm, support for the Processor Data Area, optimizations for the Core 2 platform), a generic HID layer, DEEPNAP power savings for PPC970, lockless radix-tree readside, shared pagetables for hugetbl, ARM support for the AT91 and iop13xx processors, full NAT for nf_conntrack and many other things.

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