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CensorNet 3.3r6 (1 cd)


distro yang sangat bagus untuk keperluan server firewall dan filtering konten, alias sensor internet di kantor misalnya :)

CensorNet is an Internet Management Appliance designed to control and monitor individuals accessing Internet resources on a local area network. This dedicated server inspects all inbound and outbound data and decides, based on configurable rules, whether the individual or workstation concerned has the correct access profile to allow the request to be completed.

The latest CensorNet Bulletin reports about the release of CensorNet 3.3: "At long last version 3.3 is available to download. There have been numerous features added, including support for SATA, Windows 2003 Active Directory, 2.6 Kernel, workstation control by IP address and a much improved BLUD processing speed. There is a changelog available here. To download CensorNet click here. Many thanks to all of those people who have helped with the BETA testing as well as our corporate customers who help fund this release." CensorNet is a Debian-based distribution with tools to control and monitor individuals accessing Internet resources on a LAN

About Censornet CensorNet addresses the growing concern of users accessing unsuitable and offensive material on the Internet in a powerful, reliable and cost effective way. Consistently CensorNet is chosen as the best alternative to commercial filtering solutions. Business executives are rapidly becoming aware of the potential misuse of the Internet at work and the legal liability that may result from downloading and sharing inappropriate material by employees.

According to SexTracker, 78% of Internet porn traffic is downloaded between 9am and 5pm, which means the chances are your employees are using your bandwidth, storage, time and money to view unsuitable material when they should be working.

In some extreme cases, companies have employed draconian measures such as banning Internet privileges completely, which has been counter productive and prevented them from benefiting from the positive side of the Internet.

CensorNet addresses so many of the issues that employers face and allows you to quickly deploy an Internet Usage Policy and have the power to enforce it, with customisable filtering rules, comprehensive reports and per-user audit trails.

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