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Pinux Supplement Pack1 (1 cd)

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Distro pinux linux Anda mengalami masalah? kernel panic dll? trouble dengan prosesor amd ? update dengan SP 1 ini :)

What provide in Pinux Supplement Pack1
- 2x more faster when loading and running your applications.
- Smooth multitasking, you can switch between running
 applications more smoothly.
- Sound hyperthread, you can playing mp3 
and playing video at the same time.
- Webcam broadcast support.  see Webcam How To
- Adding many diagnostic utilities.

How to Install - Logout and login as root - Check your kernel version (menu - system tools - terminal) : $ uname -p - Download Supplement Pack1 file which match your current kernel type. WARNING: DO NOT INSTALL DIFFERENT KERNEL PACK Supplement Pack1 for i686 kernel: (Update for original Pinux ISO/CD installation) (tested): Procesor Intel P2, P3, Celeron, P4 pinux1-sp1-i686.tar.gz Supplement Pack1 for athlon kernel (not tested): Procesor AMD K7 family (Athlon / Duron / Thunderbird) pinux1-sp1-athlon.tar.gz Supplement Pack1 for i586 kernel (not tested): Processor AMD K6-II, K6-III, Via Cyrix III Samuel pinux1-sp1-i586.tar.gz - Switch to terminal wiindow (or open menu - system tools - terminal), then type: $ tar -zxvf pinux1-sp1-XXX.tar.gz (XXX is depend your Supplement Pack: i686, i586 or athlon). $ cd sp1 $ chmod a+x install $ ./install - Supplement Pack installer will ask you to reboot the computer, press enter to reboot your computer. - You must reconfigure your hardware, press enter when kudzu prompted. enter configure for all hardware found and enter Yes for migrate existing network configuration - Setting your monitor resolution and frequency (Main Menu - System Settings - Display) Recommended settings are: Resolutions: 1024x768 Color depth: Thousands Of colors Horizontal Refresh Rates (kHz): 30.0-54.0 Vertical Refresh Rates (Hz): 50.0-120.0 Above settings need for replaceable/changeable monitor on your Pinux box.

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