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Pinux Multiserver Pack + manual (1 cd)

5,000 Rp.2,500

Paket tambahan untuk Pinux linux agar menjadi server komplit. Anda wajib punya cd master pinux dulu atau komputer yang sudah terpasang pinux.

1. What will you get? You will get up to 14 services ready to use (You don't need settng anything):
- Internet Gateway server for internet sharing
- DNS server
- Web server supported HTTPS, CGI/Perl and PHP
- FTP server
- MySQL server
- SMTP server for sending and receiving email
- POP3/IMAP server (support POP3s/IMAPs)
- Squid proxy cache at port 3128
- Socks proxy Server at port 1080
- FTP proxy gateway at port 1021
- POP3 Proxy gateway at port 1110
- Identd server for irc connection
- SSH server
- MTRG for banwidth monitoring at url http://IP/mrtg/

2. Hardware and software requirement

- 2 NIC (network interface card) installed on CPU.
- Minimum Processor P2 300 Mhz
- Memory minimum 128 MB or more for better.
- Master PINUX v1 CDs
- Pinux multiserver pack: pinux1-multiserverpack.tar.gz
NOTE: Service pack 1 not needed!
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