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Shift Linux Gnome 0.3.1 LiveCD (1 cd)


Shift Linux is a project that was created by the Neowin community. Based on Debian GNU/Linux and Morphix Linux, it has access to all of the software and applications as other Debian distributions. Neowin's Shift Linux is designed to give the user an experience of being part of the Neowin community and to have a simple, easy-to-use live CD that can be installed to a hard drive. Shift is a free distribution released under the General Public License. It can be freely distributed or modified.

Shift Linux is a Debian and Morphix-based distribution created by the Neowin community at Neowin.net as an easy-to-use live CD for desktop use. The project has released its latest development build - version 0.3.1 GNOME edition: "Shift Linux GNOME 0.3.1 ready for testing. We are very interested in the following aspects as you test it: detection of your computer hardware; graphics bugs; the right resolution (especially on wide screens). We do not need to know about branding issues at this time. We will fix those for Shift 0.5. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. You can expect Shift 0.3 very shortly!"

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