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Xandros 4 Trial Edition (2 cd)


Distro linux ini sangat user friendly bagi yang sudah terbiasa dengan sistem operasi windows. Dilengkapi dengan crossover builtin sehingga dapat menjalankan dan menginstall aplikasi windows populer seperti adobe photoshop, dreamweaver, office dsb dengan mudah

Xandros Desktop is a complete Linux desktop operating system that also includes the applications needed to work, communicate and play. Built on the stable and reliable Debian Linux platform, Xandros Desktop allows you to enjoy your digital lifestyle, the way you want to, without the hassles of viruses, spyware and other security threats. Xandros is fun and easy to use. It installs in just 4 clicks, and does not require any Linux or technical know-how. Discover how easily you will enjoy the benefits of Linux and bring security and stability you can count on to your PC with Xandros Desktop. Music · Photos · Video · Web · E-mail · Multimedia The new home for your digital life is ready. From web surfing to auction bidding, photo taking to album making, video streaming to iPod syncing and e-mailing to online banking… Wherever your digital life may take you, Xandros Desktop is the secure and exciting gateway to your digital world.
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