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Security Engineering - The Book (1 cd)


If you're even thinking of doing any security engineering, you need to read this book' Bruce Schneier `Even after two years on the shelf, Security Engineering remains the most important security text published in the last several years' Information security Magazine

Table of content

1. What is Security Engineering?
2. Protocols
3. Passwords
4. Access Control
5. Cryptography
6. Distributed Systems
7. Multilevel Security
8. Multilateral Security
9. Banking and Bookkeeping
10. Monitoring Systems
11. Nuclear Command and Control
12. Security Printing and Seals
13. Biometrics
14. Physical Tamper Resistance
15. Emission Security
16. Electronic and Information Warfare
17. Telecom System Security
18. Network Attack and Defense
19. Protecting E-Commerce Systems
20. Copyright and Privacy Protection
21. E-Policy
22. Management Issues
23. System Evaluation and Assurance
24. Conclusions
25. Bibliography
My goal in making the book freely available is twofold. First, I want to reach the widest possible audience, especially among poor students. Second, I am a pragmatic libertarian on free culture and free software issues; I think that many publishers (especially of music and software) are too defensive of copyright. I don't expect to lose money by making this book available for free: more people will read it, and those of you who find it useful will hopefully buy a copy. After all, a proper book is half the size and weight of 300-odd sheets of laser-printed paper in a ring binder. (My colleague David MacKay found that putting his book on coding theory online actually helped its sales. Book publishers are getting the message faster than the music or software folks.)
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