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Setrum Aki Motor / Mobil Portable - Charger Aki Motor - Portable Motorcrycle Car Battery Charger 12V/2A

225,000 Rp.99,980 (maaf kosong)

Aki motor Anda soak karena kehabisan setrum? Silahkan charge dengan charger khusus aki motor / mobil ini. Tegangan 12V/2A. Dalam paket sudah lengkap dengan jepitan buaya. Ada lampu indikator bila aki sudah penuh (merah = charging, hijau = penuh).

Technical Parameters Input voltage range AC90-260V. 2 Input voltage frequency:.. 47-63Hz . 3. To Output Voltage 12V 4. The output voltage transfer rate: 0.2% 5. The rated output current of 2A (full power) 6. Current output range 0-2A . 7. The output ripple & noise-P 100mVp . 8. The efficiency of 90% 9. output short circuit 10. The overheat protection. 11. The reverse polarity protection. Features: ☆ use of international IC manufacturers design, fine workmanship, stable power supply, first-class quality, quality and stability. ☆ has a perfect over-current, over voltage, short circuit, over temperature, over power protection ☆ double insulation; voltage 3000V above ☆ with moisture-proof, dust-proof function of the charger output plug is square (trapezoidal) N is positive, L is negative, if you is not the case, we can change according to your needs! This product is fully intelligent pulse three-stage battery charger. Adopt international electronics industry, high-tech, but also chip production technology, product quality is very stable. With fast charging, high charge, charge, however, does not charge less, yet water can effectively extend battery life, excellent performance, the corresponding specifications of the sealed lead-acid battery charging. Repair sulfide battery, restore the battery to extend battery life products to automatically adapt to the charger for a variety of models of electric sprayer manufacturers, charging without care, no matter to what extent the battery is discharged, the battery charger can be fully automatic, battery after fully charged, the charger automatically transferred to the floating state, even if not immediately disconnect the charger for a long time remain connected to the battery, the battery will not charge a bad battery but can play the role of conservation, then very little power charger . Provided the charger working status indicator, when charging indicator light is red,

Dimensions: length 12.3cm, width 8.0cm, high 4.1cm charger power cord 75 cm, 40 cm line output Applicable battery: Need add water to battery with maintenance-free battery rechargeable battery: 12V 9AH-20AH (water battery, battery applicable) [Instructions] use Keep the charger output plug into the charging hole, and then plug in the power, then you can be charged. When charging the power light is red, filled with light green, will enter the floating state after the battery is full, then the battery is charging time of 4-6 hours is appropriate, the green light indicates the battery is fully charged, the unit automatically stop charging in order to compensate for low current protection, reverse polarity protection this charger has an output function, such as reversed, the charger will not work, swap the battery clip, we are ready to work properly. This charger is pure DC pulses, so charging clip smaller spark, is a normal phenomenon. CAUTION: Do not use in an explosive atmosphere; forbidden to charge non-rechargeable batteries, high-pressure machine, danger! Prohibition near open flames while charging; forbidden to disassemble.

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