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ORICO - Smart Mobile Phone Charger 5 Port With OTG - DCT-5U - Black

250,000 Rp.225,000 (maaf kosong)

Dengan alat ini Anda bisa mencharge 5 gadget Anda sekaligus. Sehingga tidak perlu repot dengan keruwetan kabel / adaptor sendiri sendiri. Semua terintegrasi. Pengisian cepat, aman dan stabil. Kualitas barang bagus. Selain itu juga ada port OTG, sehingga selain mencharge Anda juga bisa mengakses / transfer data dari gadget Anda ke alat usb lain / komputer.

This 5 USB Charger provide 40W power allow five devices charging at the same time. USB Slot with OTG Mark will not charge device when using OTG Connection via OTG Cable in the box. 2x super charger provide 5V2.4A power each and 3x regular charger provide 5V1A power each. Able to charge 5x tablets of phones with max speed, saving hours of your time. Fastest Charge Speed Detects your device, deliver its fastest possible charge speed. Max deliver 2.4 Amps each port, can use to charge most of the tablets and smartphone. Orico DCT-5U come with OTG Access Enabled is an ideal solution to access Flash Drive, Card Reader, External Hard Drive etc or using Keyboard, Mice on your Android Devices. Helps to access files, movies, photos or music easier than ever. Orico DCT-5U will detect attached devices and self-adjusted to right status, avoid any compatibility issue and supply reliable power for any high power required iPad, tablets or cell phones. 1 x Orico Smart Mobile Phone Charger with OTG - DCT-5U 1 x Charging Cable 1 x User Manual

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