D-LINK DIR-600M Wireless N Router 150Mbps - 1 Antena

250,000 Rp.147,000 (maaf kosong)

Wireless router support b/g/n. Speed 150Mbps. ada 1 port wan dan 4 port lan. Almost each and every one of you is familiar with the name of the device called router, the use of which, was necessitated by the advent of electronic gadgets like computers and laptops. You have used this gadget earlier at your home and your workplace as well. But in both the cases you are not completely satisfied with the services of the router and you have to endure a lot of trouble as a result of interrupted service. If you truly wish to enjoy a consistent and trouble free internet connection for a long period of time, then bring home the Dlink Dir-600M Wireless Router, a widely used and highly acclaimed electronic device from the distinguished brand, Dlink. Features: Speed- 150mbps Weight- 522 grams 4 Lan Port

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