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easys has been founded to provide open linux solutions for small and enterprise business. Our main aim is to build stable products based on standard and open software produtcs that integrate well in existing environments.

This includes network analysation to see which existing servers and clients could be replaced with open-source software.

We provide long time software update service so hardware costs can be reduced by 50-60% as existing solutions does not require hardware updates.

We offer server and client services. E.g. the we provide support for the following OSS components:

- Samba Server - LAMP (Apache with MySQL and PHP) - IPTables Firewall - VPN (ipsec, pptp, openvpn, vpnc ...) - pureFTP / vsftp - Postfix Mailserver / Amavisd-new Milter / Spamassassin - Squid Proxyserver with Access Control - Virus Scanner Integration - ISDN Routing and RAS ...

- Custom Workstation Setup - from SurfStation to Business Desktop - KDE (and KDE light) - Kontact - Policy Driven Authentication - OpenOffice.org ...

Our products can be based on your favourite Distribution. We currently support Debian GNU/Linux, SuSE SLES and Slackware Linux. We prefer Slackware as it is the most scalable and customizable Linux Distribution you can get. Slackware is also the oldest still aktive Linux Distribution.

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