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GALPon MiniNo 2014 "PicarOS" (1 DVD)

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Distro linux terbaru, untuk anak - anak. Berisi aplikasi yg cocok untuk pendidikan Anda mulai dari usia dini. Mudah digunakan. berbasis Debian linux. dikemas dalam 1 keping dvd full. Live DVD. Cocok untuk usia 3-12 tahun. Antonio Sánchez has announced the release of GALPon MiniNo 2014 "PicarOS" edition, a Debian-based distributions designed for 3 - 12 year-old children: "Once again we have prepared for you a new PicarOS release with features that will please everyone. This year we have focused on making life a little more comfortable for our colleagues, K12 teachers, in addition to adjusting programs to this level and prepare them for using in the classroom or at home. We have prepared some extremely easy scripts (Menu - Minino Tools - Computer Room) used to install PicarOS in a computer room. They configure the network (computer name, give a static IP, Internet), Epoptes (to control all PCs in the class), a shared folder (Samba) and set up a program that synchronizes all the classrooms with a pair of clicks. No system administration knowledge is needed for do this. New desktop environment (Menu - Minino Tools - Desktop Style) designed specifically for interactive whiteboards.

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