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5 Meters Antenna Extension Cable (RPSMA Male to RPSMA Female) TP-Link TL-ANT24EC5S

200,000 Rp.165,000 (maaf kosong)

Kabel ekstensi / kabel perpanjangan untuk antena dengan konektor sma (kompatibel dengan semua router dan akses poin merek tp-link, d-link, linksys model baru, engenius, tenda, dsb). Low loss signal. Panjang kabel 5 meter. Cara pakai: lepas antena bawaan router anda, sambungkan kabel ini dengan router, dan di ujung yg lain sambungkan dengan antena bawaan router anda. Dengan demikian antena dapat anda letakkan di tempat yang lebih tinggi atau di luar ruangan, sehingga sinyal makin luas jangkauannya maupun tangkapannya. Bisa juga diaplikasikan sebagai receiver pada usb wireless yang memiliki antena eksternal.

Easy and quick deployment into suitable WLAN environment 5 meters in length allows you to relocate your antenna to a optimal position to maximize the wireless performance Features higher performance low loss CFD-200 cable with excellent flexibility RP-SMA Male to Female connector, works with RP-SMA type antennas

What happens when your wireless signal is too weak to connect to an access point in another building and you want to better position your wireless antenna in a higher or wider place to get a better signal? The antenna extension cable is the answer to your problems. There is no need to move your access point or wireless router, which may sometimes be immovable, from place to place. With the several kind of low-loss extension cable, you will have more flexibility to move your antenna in order to maximize your wireless performance.

Dimension 5 Meters Frequency DC ~ 3GHz Impedance 50Ω Nominal Insertion Loss 4.5 dB Connector Type RP-SMA Male to Female Operating Temp. -10℃~+60℃ Storage Temp. -40℃~+80℃

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