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TP-Link AV200 Powerline Adapter with AC Pass Through Starter Kit TL-PA2010PKIT (Isi Sepasang)

850,000 Rp.599,980 (maaf kosong)

Integrated power socket making sure that no power outlet is going to waste Data transmission rates up to 200Mbps over electrical wires, ideal for HD video streaming Plug and play design and easy encryption on a push of pair button Power-Saving Mode automatically reduces power consumption by up to 75%*

With no additional wires or drilling, users can simply plug the TL-PA2010PKIT into power sockets and instantly establish a networking infrastructure just using the exsiting electric wires. With its integrated power socket, you will never have to worry about wasting a power outlet! Up to 200Mbps Speed Over 300 Meters With advanced HomePlug AV technology, the TL-PA2010PKIT can provide users with a stable high-speed data transfer rate of up to 200Mbps over a household electric circuit for up to 300 meters. the TL-PA2010PKIT is a great choice for a whole home solution to connect all network compatible devices--from computers and game consoles to set-top boxes for IPTV to printers and NAS hard drives. Extra Power Socket for Additional Devices With its integrated power socket, the new TL-PA2010PKIT provides real convenience for your home network. The integrated power socket allows an additional device or power bar to be connected to the adapter as though it were a normal wall socket. This ensures that even with the TL-PA2010P plugged in, no power outlet is going to waste. Pair Button for Easy Network Security Simply by pushing the Pair button on the adapters, users can set up a hassle-free Powerline network within minutes, complete with 128-bit AES encryption for network security and data protection. It's that simple! 1. Plug the adapter into the power outlet 2. Connect the device via the network cable to the adapter 3. Press the encryption buttons—and you're done! Reduce Power Consumption by Up to 75% The TL-PA2010PKIT, a new-generation of Powerline Adapter, with its practical product design and environment-conscious Power-Saving Mode, will automatically switch from its regular "Working Mode" to "Power-Saving Mode" that will reduce energy consumption by up to 75%. Mains Filter for Better Performance With its Integrated Mains Filter, the TL-PA2010P can optimize powerline communication performance by suppressing noise interference generated by surrounding electronic equipment that can affect network performance. That means that users won't experience a sudden speed drop when a larger power consuming device is plugged into the power socket.

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