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Ubuntu Christian Edition 12.04 (1 DVD)

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Jereme Hancock has announced the release of Ubuntu Christian Edition 12.04, an Ubuntu-based desktop Linux distribution designed for Christians, as well as churches, Bible study schools and other religious organisations: "Ubuntu CE 12.04 has been released. What's new? Built of Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS; system management (dconf tools, Synaptic package manager, BleachBit, gAlternatives, gnome-tweak-tool with advanced settings, ubuntu-tweak); daily usage (WINE and WineTricks, Google Chrome, VLC, MyUnity, terminator, Nautilus scripts for better file management); Bible software (Quelea, Bibledit, Verse, Xiphos, OpneLP). Customizations ranging from artwork, themes and icons along with the PPAs added to enable more artwork installation. UCE also comes with the award-winning DansGuardian web content filter configured to block pornography and other questionable content

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