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Linpus Linux 1.7 "Lite Desktop" (1 CD)


Linpus has announced the release of Linpus Linux 1.7 "Lite Desktop" edition, a distribution for desktops and notebooks featuring GNOME 3 and a number of usability enhancements: "Linpus announced today the release of Linpus Lite Desktop Edition 1.7. Linpus Lite Desktop is the notebook and desktop-specific edition from the highly successful Linpus Lite product series. Linpus Lite Desktop Edition is based on GNOME 3.2, but has a significant array of enhancements that make it the ideal choice whether you require productivity, entertainment or lead an extremely social, connected online life. Features: it is now possible to drag the dock to both sides of the screen; open windows now appear as thumbnails on the dock and can be previewed and launched from there; smart icons displaying number of incoming and unread messages from your email and social networks; two additional panels; Linpus YouTube, LiveDesktop and Ereader applications....

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