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KahelOS 111111 i686 Live / Installer (1 DVD)

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KahelOS 111111, a new version of the rolling-release desktop Linux distribution based on Arch Linux, has been released: "Announcing the release of KahelOS 111111 live CD with GUI installer, desktop edition. The fast, simple and rolling-release Linux desktop OS is also 100% free. What is new? The Mabuhay welcome center introduces you to what is in store when one installs and uses KahelOS; hassle-free automatic installation; pre-installed Apache web server, MySQL database, PhpMyAdmin and Bluefish as your editor. These are some packages that you'll enjoy when using KahelOS: Linux kernel 3.1.2, GNOME 3.2.1, Chromium 15.0.874.121, Firefox 8.0.1, LibreOffice 3.4.4, X.Org Server 1.11.2, GIMP 2.6.11, GnuCash 2.4.8, TweetDeck 0.37.5, Miro 4.0.3, Thunderbird 8.0, Bluefish 2.2.0. And finally, we are also introducing the new KahelOS mascot, MULAT.

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