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EveryDesk Medical Linux for USB (1 DVD)

Rp.20,000 (maaf kosong)

Distro linux yang dapat diboot langsung dari flashdisk / usb. Berisi aplikasi untuk keperluan medis dan rumah sakit. Services EveryDesk is backed up by a wide variety of services, from basic support to customization and tailoring.While providing basic support and answers for free to all our adopters, we have designed a wide range of ancillary services for both “horizontal” adopters and vertical market, like the medical and school environments. Support and email/forum assistance is free for all users, including commercial ones. EveryDesk services: we can provide customization and specific support for large scale deployments, integration with legacy and proprietary software tools, training and post-installation support. Our staff covers all of Europe, and we are creating additional cooperation agreements with leading support organization overseas to provide worldwide coverage. Medical environments: Other than installation and configuration support, The EveryDesk/MED medical edition can optionally use our SafeLog log compliance and archival system, that provides a digital signature-baseed log verification service to guarantee compliance with EU privacy laws. The SafeLog system guarantees that all EveryDesk/MED client logs are not modified and are preserved in their integrity, complying with the strictest privacy law for medical, health care and law enforcement operators.

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