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--------------------------------------------------------------------- SmoothWall Express 2.0 Release Notes --------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Please note that the https web access port has moved from ** TCP/445 to TCP/441! Use https://x.x.x.x:441/ from now on! Changes from SmoothWall GPL 1.0: * SmoothWall GPL is now SmoothWall Express! http://community.smoothwall.org/topic/1086 * Stateful packet inspection using Linux 2.4 kernel with iptables and netfilter. * Improved installer: - Network card skip. - Displays MAC address of detected cards. - Prefilled IP addresses. - Configure upstream web proxy for fetching update list. when a direct connection cannot be made or is not allowed. * Improved web user interface; more user friendly, better error reporting, more orange :) * Improved connectivity device support: - More USB ADSL modems; ECI chipset, USR SureConnect. http://smoothwall.org/beta/eci.html - BeWAN PCI ADSL. - BT Home Highway USB TA. * Universal Plug-n-Play support for Microsoft Windows XP users. * Improved network usage graphs with RRDtool. * Improved proxy performance through diskd and other squid tweaks. * Static assignments in DHCP server options based on MAC address. * SmoothWall time sync with internal or external NTP server. Can sync from a built-in list of servers. (Does not provide ntpd service to Green or Orange network however) * Configuration backup to floppy disk for quick install on another machine, or re-install on same machine (compatible with backup floppies from Express 2.0 RC1, timesync server list bug when using backup floppy from Express 2.0 beta7 "pendolino" - see http://community.smoothwall.org/topic/2180 for more info) * Simpler port forwarding; no need to open ports with external access page, the port (or ports - port ranges are allowed now) is opened and forwarded on one page. * IP Blocking feature; block any given external IP address or subnet from accessing your SmoothWall or any port forwarded hosts. Additionally, blocking rules can be added from the firewall log interface. * Advanced networking features; block ICMP ping, block multicast traffic and enable SYN cookies. * Improved VPN; no need for "next hop" setting, optionally enable compression on the tunnel, still possible to connect to a SmoothWall GPL 1.0 VPN. * Perform network diagnostic (ping, traceroute) from web interface. * New Java SSH client (replaced due to licence conflict). * Added clear cache option to web proxy. * Updates list location changed http://updates.smoothwall.org/express/2.0

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