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Puppy Linux 1.0.8 (1 cd)


Puppy Linux 1.0.8 is out: "Puppy Linux version 1.0.8 is released. The biggest news item is the move from OSS to ALSA sound. A modified version of the alsaconf script is used to auto-configure the sound at boot-up. Puppy 1.0.7 has the Xvesa and X.Org X servers, but the latter is stuck on 'us' keyboard layout as the xkb component of X.Org is missing. Puppy 1.0.8 has a reduced xkb component that will now give correct keyboard layout and characters for the major countries. Lior Tubor has greatly improved the original Blinky taskbar network monitor, and we now have Lior's version 0.6 of Blinky....

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