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Distro hacking berbasis ubuntu 10.10, desktop gnome. Sepertinya akan menjadi tandingan dari BackTrack yang berbasis KDE. GnackTrack is a Live (and installable) Linux distribution designed for Penetration Testing and is based on Ubuntu. Although this sounds like BackTrack, it is most certainly not; it's very similar but based on the much loved GNOME! REMEMBER - GnackTrack is, and always will be, completely free! But, should you feel the need to help please provide testing information and feedback either via email or on the community page. And so, we are proud to announce GnackTrackR3. This version is based on the more recent Ubuntu 10.10 so has better wifi support out of the box as well as the added benefits of a default install of the 2.6.35 kernel. We have added many new tools to this release so get it whilst it's hot!

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