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GeeXboX 0.98.7 for i386 + GeeXboX ISO Generator (2 cd)


GeeXboX, a Linux-based media player, has been updated to version 0.98.7: "This may be the first time that a GeeXboX release has been made without a player update, but the enhancements were significant enough and so we bring you the new version 0.98.7. GeeXboX now enters the 'digital era' with a feature that many users have been waiting for: the DVB cards support. ... Detailed Changelog: Linux updated to 2.6.14; updated uClibc to 0.9.28; support for FUSE (Filesystem In Userland) 2.4.1; support for driver firmware auto-loading; updated Syslinux to v3.11; added a DVB Free-To-Air channel scanner.

Distro khusus untuk multimedia, plus geexbox iso generator, untuk membuat distro linux geexbox kreasimu sendiri. Sangat mudah digunakan!

With this package, it is easy to modify GeeXboX in a few seconds without having to build the sources. The generator produces an ISO image of the GeeXboX, ready to be burned on disc, that you may have customized to fit your needs. The software is multi-platforms, working currently under both GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows 9x/NT/2k/XP systems. It is able to produce ISO images for both i386 and PowerPC targets.

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