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ZenCafe 2.2 (1 CD)

5,000 Rp.2,500

This Zencafe version utilizes the latest Zenwalk distro and kernel Mainly design to use for Internet Cafe desktop, Zencafe polished in many ways and easy enough to operated, even for no technical background user. Included autorecovery and internet cafe management software, Zencafe is the best and the first Linux solution that suitable for your internet cafe.

MINIMAL REQUIREMENT Pentium III class processor 128 Mb RAM 4 Gb Harddisk

SOFTWARE INCLUDED GNU/Linux Operating System, kernel OpenOffice.org 3.2.1 (Office Applications) Mozilla Firefox (Internet Browser) Pidgin and Gyachi (Instant Messenger) Mkahawa Internet Cafe Management Software Autorecovery (Kiosk mode protection, “deepfreeze like tools”) More…

WHAT’S NEW? Simple installation step process More user friendly keyboard shortcut Additional applications in additional folder, internet cafe recently use application, but not every internet cafe use that. Right click have it’s own menu Some fresh mimetype icon More…

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