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Tinysofa classic server 2.0 Update 3 - full version (1 cd)


Heritage tinysofa classic server is a server targeted, enterprise grade Linux distribution that combines the the vision and expertise of multiple open source developers with the best components and ideas of multiple enterprise focused operating systems. tinysofa classic server is based on Fedora, tinysofa enterprise server 1.0 and Trustix 2.1. It features a very similar package set to Trustix. Motivation tinysofa aims to become the de facto community run server oriented Linux distribution, and therefore fill an ever growing void in the availability of a free (as in beer and speech) Linux solution that is deployable in mission critical roles throughout the enterprise. Distinction The meticulously crafted software packages that compose tinysofa, coupled with a focus on security, stability and manageability make it the only completely free Linux solution suitable for enterprise use. The global network of independent consultants supporting tinysofa aims to level the playing field with the commercial providers of Linux solutions and most importantly, foster local economic growth. Suitability tinysofa is currently used in a vast array of real time business systems that require the utmost in security and stability. From VPN end points, firewalls, bridges and network IDS to application servers and database workhorses, tinysofa has proven itself up to the task. Outlook The 1.x release series will maintain platform stability throughout its lifetime, with ongoing incremental enhancements and security fixes and a minor release every six months. This release series will also be available for the x86_64 hardware platform.

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