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Mau bikin server IDS / Intrusion Detection System yang cepat dan mudah? Buat mendeteksi serangan / gerak gerik penyusup di jaringan? install distro linux berbasis Centos ini! EasyIDS is an easy to install intrusion detection system configured for Snort. Based upon Patrick Harper's Snort installation guide and modeled after the trixbox installation cd, EasyIDS is designed for the network security beginner with minimal Linux experience. * Designed around Centos 5.4 cd1 with updates. * Upgraded Snort to * Upgraded Snort rulesets to 2.8. * Upgraded BASE to customized version 1.4.4. * Upgraded ntop to 3.3.8. * Added Arpwatch 2.1a13. * Upgraded Nmap to 4.11. * Added stunnel 4.15. * Added network traffic graphs (Daily, Weekly, etc). * Added system usage graphs (Daily, Weekly, etc). * Modified Snort performance graphs (Daily, Weekly, etc). * Web selectable management/monitoring network NICs. * Bridging support for inline placement if 3+ NICs. * Multiple remote sensor support with Stunnel encryption. * Added auto restart of failed services with notification script. * Added customized branding and themes. * Added upgrade script for future enhancements & replace Snort rule updates script. * Added basic user with read-only privileges (user:user,password:easyids). * Added web-based system log viewer. * Added web-based nmap scanner. * Added e-mail alerts on ethernet/ip address changes. * Added specific enabling/disabling of individual ruleset rules. * Added snort_rules.conf file for inclusion of enabled rulesets. * Added emergingthreats.com ruleset option. * Modified ruleset update script to only download when source md5 hash changed. * Added BASE archive database.

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