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Slax 6.1.2 (1 CD)


Slax 6.1.2, a small Slackware-based live CD featuring the KDE desktop 3.5, has been released. What's new? "Upgraded Slax kernel to, which contains many bugfixes; added xz package (LZMA compressor and decompressor); added support for TXZ Slackware packages; upgraded Midnight Commander to understand TXZ packages; fixed incorrect reporting of module file path in Slax Module Manager (if size of module was smaller than 1 MB, it didn't show module file at all); fixed incorrect slaxsave.dat (the 1 GB one); added 2 GB slaxsave.dat file to the ZIP archive; added Firefox 3.5.1, as a separated module 007-firefox.lzm, this version integrates itself into KDE; added Slax drive support

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