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Mutagenix +Clamav antivirus (1 cd)


Mutagenix is a Linux live CD based on Slackware Linux and Linux-Live live CD build scripts. Base Slackware Rescue, Installation, Networking, Anti-virus - * Clamav antivirus program for scanning your nasty windows(r) partitions. and Utility CD. Features: * Automatic hardware detection using ArchLinux's lshwd * Fixed bugs in the "mucho improved installer". Now it's really mucho improved * Added back in the SLAX .mo tools * Added ntfsprogs to all builds. * Supports SATA, SCSI and IDE drives * Detects and mounts EXT2, EXT3, Reiserfs, XFS, JFS, VFAT and NTFS formatted partitions * Boot time option not to mount any partitions * Boot time option to allow Windows Networking (Samba) through the firewall * Mucho improved installer! * Xmule P2P program * Kernel * Other fixes and updates too numerous to mention Base Features: * Multiple CDs to choose from. Each is built using the Rescue CD as the base install. * Starts automatically as a dhcp client. * Integrated Firewall which auto starts on DHCP networks in stealth mode. * Slapt-get, with multiple rc files with different sources, is included. * Cpan2tgz for automatically downloading and installing perl modules. * Menu driven script to install Mutagenix to a harddrive. * Simplified modem dialup script. * Clamav antivirus program for scanning your nasty windows partitions. * Partimage for creating partition images (ghosting) * Parted and Gparted partition management software * Ext2 partitioned USB keys will be mounted as your home dir (/root) so your environment can be saved. * An xorg.conf on the mounted USB key will be used instead of the default supplied xorg.conf. * Windows password changing utility. * Mutagenix Themes :)

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