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xPUD 0.9.2 (1 CD)


Chen Ping-Hsun has announced the release of xPUD 0.9.2, a minimal, kiosk-type distribution with Mozilla Firefox, based on Ubuntu: "We're pleased to announce the release of xPUD 0.9.2. xPUD is a minimal and fast booting browser operating system, based on Mozilla Firefox, with a web-based user interface on top. New features: new SysTray; improved backup and restore; new page curl effect; WebApp mode; Opt-Get application store; new File tab. Based on the latest Ubuntu 9.10 repository and Linux kernel 2.6.31, xPUD 0.9.2 now comes with Vietnamese support and a total 15 different languages, and now we have X.Org and PCManFM built into the core system. The porting to ARM and MIPS architectures has also been completed.

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