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Distribusi linux kelas enterprise dengan harga free dari pengembang terpandang. Dikembangkan dengan basis Redhat Enterprise. Disupport jangka panjang. Oracle Enterprise Linux is an enterprise-class Linux distribution supported by Oracle. According to the project's web site, "Oracle starts with Red Hat Linux, removes Red Hat trademarks, and then adds Linux bug fixes." Oracle Enterprise Linux is, and intends to remain, fully compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Fresh off our Memorial Day holiday, Oracle Corporation (NasdaqGS: ORCL) has announced the availability of Enterprise Linux Release 4 Update 8 for x86 (32 bit), x86_64 (64 Bit) and Itanium (ia64) platforms. The update to this version of Oracle’s Enterprise Linux operating system is available via the company’s Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN). Oracle Enterprise Linux is a variant of RED HAT, INC.’s (NYSE: RHT) Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS. More information – including the proverbial release notes – makes an appearance, after the jump. Enterprise Linux Release 4 Update 8 for x86 (32 bit) , x86_64 (64 Bit) and Itanium (ia64) architectures Oracle is pleased to announce the general availability of Enterprise Linux Release 4 Update 8 for x86 (32 bit), x86_64 (64 Bit) and Itanium (ia64) architectures. This update includes the following kernel/driver changes: Bug Fixes added by Oracle * fix skb alignment that was causing sendto() to fail with EFAULT [orabug 6845794] * fix enomem due to larger mtu size page alloc [orabug 5486128] * backout patch sysrq-b that queues upto keventd thread [orabug 6125546] * netrx/netpoll race avoidance [orabug 6143381] * Fix elf_core_dump [orabug 6995928] * use lfence instead of cpuid instruction to implement memory barriers[orabug 7452412] * add netpoll support to xen netfront * execshield: fix endless GPF fault loop [orabug 7175395] * port el5u2 patch that allows 64-bit PVHVM guest to boot with 32-bit dom0 [orabug 7452107] * update shrink_zone patch to allow 100% swap utilization [orabug 7566319,6086839] * backport report_lost_ticks patch from EL5.2 [orabug 6110605] * fix for hung JVM thread after #GPF [orabug 7916406] * port EL5U3 patch to adjust totalhigh_pages in the balloon driver [orabug 8300888] * check to see if hypervisor supports memory reservation change [orabug7556514] * use hypercall to fixmap pte updates [orabug 8433329] * Extend physical mask to 40bit for machine above 64G [orabug 8312526] * fix oops in show_partition using RCU [orabug 8423936] Fixes/Additions from Upstream Distribution Provider Kernel Updates: * Added new value to tunable parameter “/proc/sys/kernel/wake_balance” . Setting its value to 2 allows to run the thread on any available CPU rather than scheduling it on the optimal CPU. * Added new tunable parameter “max_writeback_pages” to /proc/sys/vm/ to allow the max number of modified pages kupdate writes to disk per iteration per run. Default value 1024 (4MB). * Added new tunable parameter “swap_token_timeout” to /proc/sys/vm/ to provide a valid hold time of swap out protection token. To disable the swap taken mechanism set this parameter to value 0. * Added diskdump utility support to sata_svw driver * This update limits 32 bit kernel to boot on systems with more than 64GB of RAM to 64GB max. * Added support for ‘rdattr_error’ in NFSv4 readdir request * Updated Common Internat File System (CIFS) to latest upstream version * Added Intel ibex peak PCH support * Added initialization vendor info in boot_cpu_data. Driver Updates: * netxen 3031 initial and msi-x support and fw bugfixes enhancement * realtek support for 8111cp and 8111bp with Intel Tylersburg chipset * forcedeth driver to version 0.61 * e1000e driver to version * igb to version 1.2.45-k2 * tg3 to version 3.96 * ixgbe to version 1.3.18-k4 * bnx2 to version 1.7.9 * bnx2x to version 1.45.23 * Fixed various SCSI layer issues * Fixed dm-raid bug with reduce io delay in dm-raid1 * Updated fcp driver with backport of fcp point to point connection support * lpfc to version * megaraid_sas to version 4.01-rh1 * mptfusion driver to version * qla2xxx firmware to 4.06.01 for 4GB/s and 8GB/s adapters * qla2xxx driver to version * Fixed sata_nv in libsata to disable adma by default * Alsa hda driver update from upstream 2008-07-22 Other Updates: * krb5 utilities are now PAM enabled * full support for systemtap * updated ipmitool to v1.8.11 * rpm now correctly fails on archives larger than 2GB * updated device-mapper to 1.02.28 * updated device-mapper-multipath dm_hp_sw handler for HP Storage Arrays * updated device-mapper-multipath mpath_prio_ontap for improved error handling on NetApp * Added IPv6 support in iscsi-initiator-utils * Added router solicitation support * Enforced sg requires tx csum in ethtool * Updated OFED to v1.4 * Added new AMD HDMI audio support to ATI HDMI * Added support for affected_cpus for cpufreq * Removed i8042 polling timer

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