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Nexenta OS (elatte) Alpha 1 (1 cd)

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Nexenta is completely open source and free of any charge. It contains Apache, MySQL, Perl/Python/PHP, Firefox, Evolution, software update manager, Synaptic package manager, Gaim Instant Messenger, abiword, administration & development utilities, editors, graphics, GNOME, interpreters, libraries and many others. All of this is running on the state-of-the-art SunOS kernel. Visit our ScreenShots gallery to see them all in action.

screenshot: www.gnusolaris.org/gswiki/ScreenShots/

* Major Features o [WWW] OpenSolaris kernel build 27 o Xorg 6.8.2-77, substantially revamped, fixed to auto-detect hardware and configure itself o ZFS - the Zettabyte 128-bit File System o More network drivers (Via Rhine, ADMtek & Macronix - for the full list see Changelog) o Non-debug kernel - faster and slimmer. o 23 bugs total (including a few critical showstoppers) fixed since the previous (11/07) pre-alpha release. o 90 new packages added. * Specifically for Desktop: o GNOME 2.12.1 o Complete GNOME Office (Abiword, Gnumeric, GNOME-DB, Inkspace, GIMP, Gnomemeeting, Dia) o 80+ packages added. o Synaptic package management and Automatic Update notifier o Nexenta artworks with "Solar" theme o Integrated DBUS, HAL (work in progress) o KDE libraries, GNOME 1.x libraries * Server applications: o Apache1 (1.3.33), Apache2 (2.0.54) next generation, scalable, extendable web server o PHP4, PHP5 with all sort of extensions o Perl 5.8.7 with varios CPAN modules pre-built o Python-2.2, Python-2.3, Python-2.4 with various extension modules o Java: JRE-1.5.0 and GNU gnj and classpath o Ruby-1.8 with all sort of extensions o Subversion, CVS, others...

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