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Ultimate Edition 2.3 "Gamers" (1 DVD)

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Distribusi berbasis ubuntu, yang penuh dengan game game keren untuk linux. Selain itu juga paket internet dan officenya sangat lengkap. Glenn Cady has announced the release of Ultimate Edition 2.3 "Gamers" edition, an Ubuntu-based distribution for gamers: "Ultimate Edition 2.3 'Gamers' has been released. I am not going to make a huge deal out of this, but it certainly is a nice toy. Especially for you gamers out there. Ultimate Edition 2.3 'Gamers' has the following games pre-installed: 3D chess, Airstrike, Aisleriot Solitaire, Barrage, Blackjack, Boswars, Brutal Chess, BzFlag, Chess, Dream Chess, Five or more, Foo Billiard, Four-in-a-row, Freecell, Gbrainy, Glest, Gnometris, Gridwars, Hearts, Lango, Kslotski.... Play on Linux is included in this distro, which allows playing of Windows games in a nearly seamless manner. Many additional Linux games available though Ultamatix tool are also included in the distro. It uses the Ultimate Edition 2.4 theme pack, but is Jaunty-based

Release Name: Ultimate Edition 2.3 Gamers Architecture: x86 (32bit) Code base: Ultimate Edition 2.2 (Jaunty) upgraded File size: 3.8 GB (4,049,158,144 bytes) MD5SUM: dfed949027ff6c1702f3736e8ad2f2b6 Download: Torrent, MAIN, University of Maryland, Unixheads, Linuxfreedom, Ultimate-Network. Screenshot: Gamers Edition Ultimate Edition 2.3 Gamers has the following games pre-installed: * 3D chess * Airstrike * Aisleriot Solitaire * Barrage * Blackjack * Boswars * Brutal Chess * BzFlag * Brutal Chess * Chess * Dream Chess * Five or more * Foo Billiard * Four-in-a-row * Freecell * Gbrainy * Glest * Gnometris * Gridwars * Hearts * Lango * Kslotski * Majongg * Mines * Nexuiz * Nibbles * Nimuh * Open Arena * Play On Linux * PokerTH * Robots * SameGnome * Sauerbraten * Snoballz * Suduku * Super Tux 2 * Tali * Tetravex * Tremulous * Vetris * Warsow

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