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Lighthouse Pup 4.4.2 Final (1 CD)


Distribusi linux turunan puppy, ringan, dengan tampilan menarik. Derived from Puppy Linux, Lighthouse is a quick and easy-to-setup, full-featured operating system. It offers several media players, GIMP image editing, optional KDE and Compiz-Fusion eye-candy, and accessibility components. It has modular design with numerous add-on packages, including Lighthouse Mariner, Voyager, OpenOffice.org or Opera.

Added SearchMonkey, updated Pmusic to 0.7.1 with modified blue theme, pburn to 2.4.1, glibc-solibs to 2.9 Faster JWM is now default window manager, fixed missing icons in JWM and IceWM menus. Slightly faster bootup when SFS layers have changed. Mariner SFS: updated KDE apps to work in JWM and IceWM menus Voyager SFS: Fixed Xscreensavers bug, new KDE4 wallpapers and help files. Updated Really Slick Screensavers to 0.8.2 Updated CompizFusion-0.7.9-1f.sfs: Changed window open effect to Zoom, close effect to Fade, Cube deformation to cylinder, updated c-f tips web page.

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