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Tuquito 3 (1 CD)


"Transforma tu vida!" proclaims the title of the release announcement for Tuquito 3, an Ubuntu-based, beginner-friendly distribution from Argentina with GNOME as the main desktop. Previously based on Debian and KDE, Tuquito has now transformed itself into a distribution with plethora of new usability features, social networking add-ons, Google applications, support for proprietary graphics drivers, and other conveniences. Some of the main features include: automatic detection of hard disk partitions with one-click activation; support for all available printers and scanners; support for web cams, inclusive of the Intel and Genius models; automatic detection of digital cameras and USB pen drives; 100% compatible with MS Office file formats; full support for Windows file systems (FAT and NTFS); new system and application installer; Garfio, a one-click back-up solution....

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