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Ubuntu Server Edition JeOS 8.04.3 (1 CD)


Just enough OS for your virtual appliance : Ubuntu Server Edition JeOS (pronounced "Juice") is an efficient variant of our server operating system, configured specifically for virtual appliances. Currently available as a CD-Rom ISO for download, JeOS is a specialised installation of Ubuntu Server Edition with a tuned kernel that only contains the base elements needed to run within a virtualized environment.

Users deploying virtual appliances built on top of JeOS will benefit from: * better perfomances on the same hardware compared to a full non-optimised OS * smaller footprint of the virtual appliance on their valuable disk space * fewer updates and therefore less maintenance than a full server installation

ISVs looking to develop virtual appliances have a compelling platform in Ubuntu JeOS, an OS optimised for virtualization that greatly reduces the complexity and maintenance overhead normally associated with general purpose operating systems. Ubuntu JeOS Edition has been tuned to take advantage of key performance technologies of the latest virtualization products from VMware as well as KVM. This combination of reduced size and optimised performance ensures that Ubuntu JeOS Edition delivers a highly efficient use of server resources in large virtual deployments. With Ubuntu Server Edition 8.04, the use of ubuntu-vm-builder can help customers and ISVs create their virtual appliances automatically within minutes, tailored to their specifications, without any manual steps. This allows them to integrate JeOS in a fully automated build, provisioning or deployment system.

Without unnecessary drivers, and only the minimal required packages, ISVs can configure their supporting OS exactly as they want. Ubuntu provides only the security and enhancement updates needed for operating in a virtualized environment with no extraneous overheads. Tech Specs - v 8.04: * Less than 100MB ISO image * Less than 300MB installed footprint * Specialised -virtual Kernel 2.6.24 * Optimised for VMWare ESX, VMWare Server and KVM * Intel or AMD x86 architecture * Minimum memory 128MB * No graphical environment preloaded as it is aimed at server virtual appliance * Working knowledge of linux administration and debian packages recommended to start building your own appliance

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