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GoblinX 3.0 "g:Mini" (1 CD)


Flavio Pereira de Oliveira has announced the release of GoblinX 3.0 "g:Mini" edition, a small, Slackware-based distribution and live CD with Xfce: "The GoblinX Project is proud to announce the release of the a stable g:Mini distribution. The g:Mini, formerly known as 'GoblinX Mini' is the son of GoblinX and contains only Xfce as the windows manager and GTK+ applications. g:Mini 3.0 includes the latest Xfce 4.6 which has brought several improvements and new features. Xfce session now offers hibernate and suspend options. It has a new notification system with themes managed by Xfce 'notifyd', Xfce power manager to help laptop users set up a power profile for two different modes, Gigolo to manage connections to remote file systems, a better control center and more.

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