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Vinux, Linux for the visually impaired. Distro linux spesial ini dikhususkan untuk pengguna yang memiliki keterbatasan dalam penglihatannya. Tersedia program2 khusus untuk membantu mereka agar tetap dapat menggunakan komputer, linux dan aplikasi2 di dalamnya, seperti pembaca screen, braile, dst

A Customized Version of Ubuntu for Visually Impaired Users

# What is Vinux ? Vinux is a remastered version of Ubuntu optimised for visually impaired users. It provides a screen-reader, full-screen magnification and support for Braille displays out of the box! # Is Vinux the first specialised version of Linux for the visually impaired ? No, there have been several distributions made for blind and partially sighted in the past but these have generally provided a purely console based solution. As far as I know Vinux is the first English language distribution to provide a full range of pre-configured accessibility applications and a full GUI desktop for sighted users. # Isn't Linux already accessible ? Yes and No! Many Gnome based Linux distributions provide a full range of accessibility applications by default, however they are not automatically enabled or pre-configured and this can be a significant barrier to users who are new to Linux. Obviously more experienced users who know their way around are able to configure the accessibility options for themselves, although using Vinux might save them a great deal of time. # How do you make Vinux ? Vinux is currently made by using the Remastersys backup application. This allows you to make changes to an installed system and then create an installable live CD incorporating all of the changes made. This allows a remaster to evolve over several generations without going back to square one. # Why doesn't Vinux allow you to change the language and keyboard layout during boot or install ? This is also because Remastersys creates a pre-configured user account which is not overwritten during the install process. You can install different language packs and keyboard layouts once you have installed it to your hard-drive. # Why are there two types of magnification ? Vinux provides both 2D and 3D magnification because not all computers can support 3D desktop effects. The 2D magnification is automatically enabled when Vinux boots and can be activated with a simple keystroke. In order to use the 3D magnification you have to enable the 3D desktop effects and then activate the magnification using a keystroke, however it is not recommended to use both magnification systems simultaneously. # Why are there some standard applications missing from the main menu ? I have had to remove some applications in order to fit on the pre-configured accessibility application settings. You can easily reinstall all of the missing applications and add new ones once you have installed it to your hard-drive. # How often will Vinux be released ? We hope to release a new version of Vinux at least twice a year, based on the latest version of Ubuntu, but there may well be minor releases/updates in between these major upgrades. # Who produces Vinux ? At the moment Vinux is produced by Tony Sales, the ICT Development Officer at the Royal National College for the Blind and Osvaldo La Rosa, a web-content manager who runs the website, forum and mailing lists etc. However this would not be possible without invaluable advice, suggestions and support from other members of the VI community. # How can I contribute to Vinux ? There are lots of ways you can contribute to the project. By trying Vinux and providing us with feedback or suggestions, by providing detailed instructions on ways to improve accessibility which can be incorporated into future versions, by writing scripts to automate the configuration of accessibility settings, by writing accessible software, creating customised artwork or themes or by simply remastering Vinux in different languages etc. If you would like to contribute in any way at all please get in touch! # Why won't Vinux play MP3 files or copyrighted DVD's ? Vinux is based on open-source software released under the GPL and supplying proprietary codecs or drivers would potentially violate software patents in certain countries. You are however free to download and install these codecs and drivers after you have installed Vinux to your hard-drive. # How can I install Vinux to a USB pendrive ? You can install Vinux to a USB pen using the built-in USB installation tool. Simple insert the USB pendrive and when the application starts point it to the Vinux iso image or the live CD. Once you have decided how memory you want to assign to the persistent storage file you can install it to the pendrive. Once installed you can boot from the USB pendrive and save any changes you make or documents you create to the home directory on the pendrive. # What is the meaning of life the universe and everything ? Disappointingly life the universe and everything cannot have a meaning, as strictly speaking only words and symbols can have a meaning, although many philosophers believe that '42' is as good an answer as any! # Why is Vinux based on Ubuntu ? In my experience Ubuntu provides the best hardware detection and accessibility options of all the major distributions. This means that it generally just works on most computers and needs the least amount of tweaking to remaster as an accessible live CD. Possible alternatives would include Fedora and Debian which provide similar accessibility options, but their strict adherence to GPL licensed software makes them slightly harder to configure. # Which is more accessible, Linux or Windows ? This is a tricky one! Proprietary Windows based accessibility software like Jaws, Zoomtext and Supernova currently provide higher quality speech and magnification facilities than is currently available on Linux. However, these are not provided by default and if you take into account the extortionate pricing of these solutions, they are financially inaccessible for many VI users. Therefore Linux is in an important sense more accessible than Windows as the vast majority of VI users around the world cannot afford to buy software that costs three or four times the cost of a computer. Not to mention the fact that as far as I know there is no speech support available during a Windows install! # What does Vinux mean ? Recursively, Vinux stands for 'Vinux Is Not Ubuntu but gnu/linuX', as defined by Osvaldo La Rosa. # Can you provide Vinux on CD or preinstalled on a USB pendrive ? We expect most users to download the iso image from the website and burn it to CD and/or install it to a USB pendrive themselves. However, if there is a genuine reason why you are unable to download it and burn/install it yourself, then we would consider sending you a copy on CD or a pendrive for a small fee to cover the cost of production and postage etc. # Why does Vinux have a GUI interface ? This is a complicated issue! It may seem counter-intuitive to provide a graphical interface if the distribution is aimed at visually impaired users. However, there are several advantages to providing a GUI: firstly, many people who are registered blind are in fact partially sighted and can navigate a GUI with the aid of magnification. Secondly while using a text based interface is easier to navigate it requires users to learn, remember and type complex commands. Thirdly, blind and partially sighted users are often taught or supported by sighted people who need the GUI to provide navigation and feedback to the learner involved. Finally having a GUI means that the system can also be used by sighted individuals with no knowledge or experience of assistive technology.

# The aim of this project is to develop a new alternative / blindfriendly live-CD / installer for people with visual impairments. The current release is based on the Ubuntu Linux distribution. # VINUX (Vinux Is Not Ubuntu but gnu/linuX) is a remaster of the Intrepid Ibex live CD optimised for the needs of blind and partially sighted users! # It is designed to boot from a live CD or USB memory stick, with autodetecting and starting up your USB braille-display, log you in automatically and then start up the Orca screen-reader. # You can use VINUX as a portable operating system or you can install it to your hard drive either alongside or as a replacement for Windows. # In order to fit all of the accessibility settings on the CD I have had to remove some applications including: The GIMP graphical image manipulation program, the F-Spot photo-manager and the Ekiga voice over IP package. You can easily reinstall these and many more open-source applications if you choose to install it on your hard-drive. # Full-screen magnification can be activated with a simple keystroke!

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