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Linux Game: Go Ollie! 1.3 + Tutorial (1 CD)


Game petualangan keren di linux. Dapat berjalan disemua distribusi Linux. Dalam cd ini disertakan instaler dan manualnya.

Ollie the Oligocheata is a worm on a mission He is on a mission to bring mouse controlled platforming fun to everyone! Go Ollie is a free Linux game with beautifully rendered scenes and animations The latest in innovative mouse controlled platform gaming featuring a unique fusion of platform and match three gaming mechanics Two gameplay modes: Story Mode with over 60 individual levels each with three different objectives Fast and furious action game with unlimited re-playability and high score table Go Ollie is free software .

System requirements Go Ollie! needs version 2.3.2 of glibc or later. Tested on the following distributions: * Ubuntu Dapper Drake - 32 bit * Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon - 32 bit * Ubuntu Hardy Heron - 32 bit * Ubuntu Hardy Heron - 64 bit * Open Suse 11 - 32 bit * Fedora 9 - 32 bit * Mandriva 2008 - 32 bit * Debian Etch - 32 bit

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