PC/OS 2009 (LiveCD + Installer)


Roberto Dohnert has announced the release of PC/OS 2009, a user-friendly desktop distribution based on Xubuntu: "Today we are happy to announce the newest release of PC/OS. The new release follows PC/OS OpenCore 1.0. PC/OS OpenDesktop 2009 and PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2009 have been fully tested and are ready for broad consumer adoption. This release updates the PC/OS 2008 line of products. Some of the changes include a newly laid-out user interface and updated packages, and all important security updates applied. Some of the updated packages are as follows: Firefox 3.0, AbiWord 2.6.4, GIMP 2.6, Pidgin 2.5, Skype 2.0, VLC 0.9.5, OpenOffice.org 3.0, Eclipse, Qt Designer, Songbird 0.7, Wammu, Mobile Phone Manager, TrueCrypt."

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