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Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix Image + Tutorial (1 DVD)


DVD ini berisi paket image dari ubuntu 9.04 netbook remix yg bisa anda install ke dalam netbook anda via flashdisk. Tersedia tutorial instalasi didalamnya.

Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix Your new netbook operating system UNR has been tested on the following popular models. You can test your netbook's compatibility by running UNR as a 'live' image on the flash drive before installation.

What do I need to install Ubuntu Netbook Remix? * A 1GB USB flash drive (aka thumb drive) * An Intel Atom processor * At least 384MB of RAM

What is Ubuntu Netbook Remix? Ubuntu Netbook Remix is optimised to run on a new category of affordable Internet-centric devices called netbooks. It includes a new consumer-friendly interface that allows users to quickly and easily get on-line and use their favourite applications. This interface is optimised for a retail sales environment. watch the video Watch the video 2:30 - mp4 format (8MB) - ogg format (3MB) Canonical has collaborated with Intel and is working with a number of OEM's to deliver Ubuntu on netbooks in retail. In keeping with the philosophy of our best work being available to everyone, the core remix product is available to all through the Canonical repositories. This version is free to download and modify by any user. What is a remix? A remix is a 'respun' version of Ubuntu built for a specific purpose. Although Canonical has encouraged community projects to use this terminology for some time, this is the first time that Canonical has used it. We are using it to differentiate from an 'Edition' which we consider a complete version with daily builds suitable for the average user with no additional work beyond installing the CD. Canonical works with devices manufacturers (OEMs) to pre-install Ubuntu Netbook Remix. These commercial products contain software that is not free and built for a specific hardware configuration unique to the OEM. These are not publicly available as we do not have the right to redistribute the software. All of the initial Ubuntu Netbook remixes combine optimisations from the Moblin project for Intel® Atom™ processors and it is specially designed for netbooks. Intel and Canonical are working to create a new computing experience across a rapidly expanding category of portable devices. Reasons to choose Ubuntu Netbook Remix For OEMs: * Rapid route to market - UI configured to work with Intel Atom processor-based netbooks so you are ready to go * Small OS footprint - fits within a 4GB flash drive with room for additional storage * Expert engineering - based on Ubuntu’s well-tested, globally proven software * Clean licensing - all work conforms with open source and commercial application licensing with audio and video codecs that are legally licensable For users: * New Interface - built for accessing your favourite on and off-line applications rapidly and optimised for the restricted screen size this is radically different * No viruses - Ubuntu is a smooth, safe computing and browsing experience * Optimised for netbook components - built from the ground up to take advantage of speed and power capabilities of the chip set * Large developer community - gain the benefits of innovation from some of the world’s leading free and open source developers Technical specifications Minimum hardware requirements: * Processor: Intel® Atom™ processor * RAM: 512 MB * Storage: 4 GB Flash disk (SSD) or hard disk Major open source applications included: * Web browser - Firefox 3 * E-mail client - Evolution * Instant messenger - Pidgin * Media player - Rhythmbox * eBook reader - FBReader * Photo viewer - F-Spot * Office suite - OpenOffice.org Optional market leading applications included: * Adobe Flash * Adobe Reader * Java JVM * Skype Optional licensable audio and video decoders for OEMs: * MPEG4 (H.263) * MP3 * AAC * Windows Media

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