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eBoxPup 2.13 (1 CD)


This is a 'slimmed' Puppy 2.13 to suit the eBox's low power CPU but will run on other old PCs as well. It is not 'barebones' but contains most of the usual apps needed for daily use. The eBox does not have a CD or DVD, so I have removed those apps that require them, also from the menu. Opera 9.02 is the browser and email client, Bluefish the html composer, sluggish Geany is replaced by the much faster Beaver, Gxine media player is replaced by GQmpeg for playing MP3 and OGG. I have included some updates not in Puppy 2.13 - rarsa's 'net-setup-2.14-1' and his 'mini-volume-0.4' and Dougal/plinej's optimized 'pmount'. Barry's pmount is still available as 'pmount_bk' if that version is preferred, but it is much slower. My 'autorun' patch of .xinitrc is also included. This can be useful for certain applications for the eBox, e.g., speech synthesis. Among other features, autorun does not need a pup_save.2fs file to work. See this thread on autorun for details: http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=14415 The size of pup_213.sfs is 57MB and the stock zdrv_213.sfs (included in the iso) will be needed on the CF card or USB stick. So all drivers included in 2.13 are available. This is good if you want to try a USB wifi device with the eBox. If you have an eBox-2300, TU-40 or MicroClient Jr, please give this Puppy a try. Feedback is, as always, welcome Wink Enjoy, Paul

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