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CrunchBang Linux 8.10.02 (1 DVD)


Philip Newborough has announced the release of CrunchBang Linux 8.10.02, an Ubuntu-based distribution featuring the lightweight Openbox window manager: "The final 8.10.02 builds of CrunchBang Linux. The new releases contain numerous changes and many fixes provided by the CrunchBang community. Features: PCMan File Manager replaces Thunar; Xfce integration and dependencies removed in favour of LXDE components; VLC returns to replace Totem as the default media player; Qt4 application (VLC and Skype) are now styled with QGtkStyle, providing a unified look-and-feel to the desktop; a new Tango icon theme for Claws Mail; Leafpad included as an alternative editor to gedit; Gdebi installed by default; gPodder podcast catcher installed and included in the 'Internet' menu...."

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