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Tiny Core Linux 1.2 (1 CD)


distribusi linux mini dan sangat cepat. cocok buat mesin mesin tua dan komputer embeded atau yang menginginkan performa tinggi. bisa langsung diboot dari CD

Robert Shingledecker has announced the release of Tiny Core Linux 1.2, an extensible, 10 MB mini-distribution with the JWM window manager. From the release announcement: "Tiny Core Linux 1.2 is now posted. Change log: new tcz-symlinker dramatically improves both boot and on-demand TCZ handling; updated udev rules 90-permission rules for USB; updated mnttool to better support other devices; removed unused files; fixed missing applications menu with persistent /opt; dropped unneeded loop in /root/.profile; added version command; added more support for traditional (scatter mode) installation; fixed duplicate icons in scatter mode; enabled suid on tclocal mounts; updated pci.ids

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