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Mikrotik RouterOS 3.15 + Utility + Manual (1 CD)

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MikroTik RouterOS™ adalah sistem operasi dan perangkat lunak yang dapat digunakan untuk menjadikan komputer manjadi router network yang handal, mencakup berbagai fitur yang dibuat untuk ip network dan jaringan wireless, cocok digunakan oleh ISP dan provider hotspot.

Solusi Router dengan kemampuan Firewall, Bandwidth Management, Web Proxy, Secure Tunnel (EoIP, PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP), VLAN, dynamic routing (BGP, RIP, OSPF) Hotspot Gateway

What's new in 3.15: *) added workaround for non-standards compliant CPE with timestamp issue; *) added ability to manage multiple disks & stores under /store; *) added support for storing user-manager database on secondary media via /store; *) /store should be used to set up secondary disk as web proxy cache; *) added support for Mesh in WinBox; *) fixed client roaming in mesh protocol; *) fixed bug in MME routing protocol: routes sometimes were lost from routing table; *) fixed some bugs in routing-test; *) fixed traffic forwarding when VRF (virtual routing and forwarding) is used; *) fixed problem - USB did not work on Geode LX boards; *) fixed problem - farsync cards did not negotiate links; *) added support for Novatel EU870D; *) added support for Intel 82575EB & 8257GB gigabit ethernet PCI-Express cards; *) removed support for all synchronous cards but farsync; *) graphing - all target (source) addresses displayed in queue statistics page; *) bridge firewall broute table is removed - it did not work as expected anyway; *) ingress-priority matcher added to bridge firewall *) fixed use-dns property of console traceroute command, default now is use-dns=no; *) updated UK 5.8 FIXED regulatory domain info; *) /system ssh now by default uses name of logged in user instead of "admin"; *) fixed support for some microSD cards on RB400; *) include Relay-Session-ID in packets sent by PPPoE client if required; *) added ability to specify src. address for radius client; *) dns cache - improved static entry behavior; *) fixed dial-on-demand on ppp interfaces;

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