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Puppy Linux 4.1 (1 CD)


Barry Kauler has announced the release of Puppy Linux 4.1: "Version 4.1 continues the hectic pace of development, with ground-breaking new applications and under-the-hood architectural improvements over 4.00. Ground-breaking apps include our new Psip VOIP and PPLOG personal blog. Under-the-hood includes faster boot times, much better hardware detection, and new 'pup_event' architecture (including desktop drive icons). Here is a summary of milestones:, kernels; more drivers; SCSI kernels; LZMA-enabled kernel; improved PCMCIA support; hardware detection; new pup_event system; faster boot; Psip VoIP; PPLOG blog; Pmusic audio player; Ayttm chat client; virus checker; network wizard; huge number of updated applications..

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